WOW Gear Silicone Valve Replacement


Soft Silicone Replacement Valves

Used to replace lost or worn valves or for mix and match fun!

For Use on all WOW SPORT bottles!

These soft silicone valves can be used on any WOW Cup® for all WOW GEAR Sports Bottles. They are interchangeable on all cup models. 

Mix and match valves with other coloured valve rings and cups to create cool colour combinations. They are also great for designating a specific cup for a specific person in families with multiple kids. Kids will have lots of fun mixing and matching the valves with their Wow Cups. 

So, whether you lost a silicone valve to your dog or you want to create some mix and match fun for the whole family, these valves will provide the same long lasting function and performance as the original valve that came with your original Wow Cup®.

Please note: Price is for 1 single unit (not 3 as pictured)

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