Injinji Womens Specific Ultra Run Crew Running Socks


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From concept to production, Injinji socks are designed with your feet in mind! Our unisex, women’s-specific and men’s-specific sizes provide a snug fit around every foot to give you a better performance in any shoe. Unless otherwise noted, all Injinji socks are unisex.

If you’re new to the world of toesocks, we recommend wearing your Injinji socks a few different times to allow your feet to adjust to our unique fit.

Use the Injinji sock sizing guide below to help choose the best sock for you!

Still have questions? Check out common sizing questions below!

Injinji Unisex Size Guide

Injinji Womens Specific Size Guide

Injinji Men's Specific Size Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Injinji socks run true to size?
Yes they do! Our size guide measurements are based on your shoe size. For instance, if you wear a men’s 11 shoe, we recommend going with a Large – which fits sizes 11-13 on our unisex sizing guide.

What is the difference between Unisex, Men’s and Women’s socks?
Great question! Our unisex socks are our most common fit and the best size for medium to wide feet. Our women’s-specific fit is shorter in the toes and narrower in the arch of the foot, making our women’s socks a great fit for people with narrow feet! Our men’s sizing chart only applies to our men’s Runner and Hiker series and is best for medium to wide feet.

What are the best socks to get if I’m in-between sizes?
If you’re on the edge, we suggest going with the larger size! Getting a larger size allows your toes to move comfortably all day and is the best sock for in-between size feet.

Is there a special way to put toesocks on?
Nope! Just begin putting your socks on like normal, and make sure each toe is set properly into its individual sleeve before pulling the sock up to your heel. For our compression socks only, we recommend rolling the sock inside out, setting your toes and heel in place, and then rolling the socks up around your calves.

Do Injinji socks shrink after washing them?
Not if they are cared for properly - Injinji socks are made to give you the best performance fit through their entire lifetime! For maximum time enjoying your socks, we recommend washing them on delicate in cold water and hanging them to dry. Putting the socks in the dryer increases the chance of the socks pilling.


Constructed to provide comfort and support even after miles of wear, the Womens Ultra Run No-Show features cushioned terry throughout the foot and toes, to help soften the impact of tough runs and workouts on feet. The narrower profile is designed specifically for the contours of a women’s foot—the five-toe design prevents blisters, splays toes naturally and wicks away moisture.

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