SPIbelt Kids Diabetic Belt


The SPIbelt is Sleek, Expandable, Secure and best of all, it Does Not Bounce, Ride or Slip during Physical Activity. The fully Patented Design and Fabric Composition allows the SPIbelt to expand and conform to the contours of its contents, holding them snugly to the body.
The SPIbelt Expands large enough to hold an Ipod, Mobile Phone, Keys, Insulin Pump, Passport or any of your other Cool Kid Items! Also features a pass-through hole for easy pump/headphone access.
The SPIbelt Difference:
* SPIbelt will not Bounce, Ride or Shift whilst Running or other Physical Activity.
* Available in different colours.
* Waist size: Fits up to a typical 10 Year Old.
* Machine Washable
* Secure Locking Buckles with internal teeth to prevent slipping.


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