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Yankz! Surelace System


White w/ White Buckle
Reflective White w/ Black Buckle
Baby Blue w/ Black Buckle
Black w/ Black Buckle
Fluro Orange w/ Black Buckle
Fluro Orange w/ White Buckle
Hot Pink w/ Black Buckle
Hot Pink w/ White Buckle
Kelly Green w/ White Buckle
Lime Green w/ Black Buckle
Lime Green w/ White Buckle
Multi-Colour w/ Black Buckle
Multi-Colour w/ White Buckle
Multi Black w/ Black Buckle
Plum w/ Black Buckle
Plum w/ White Buckle
Powder Pink w/ White Buckle
Pink Ribbon w/ White Buckle
Red w/ Black Buckle
Red w/ White Buckle
Reflective Pink w/ Black Buckle
Reflective Pink w/ White Buckle
Reflective White w/ White Buckle
Royal Blue w/ Black Buckle
Royal Blue w/ White Buckle
Fluro Yellow w/ Black Buckle
Fluro Yellow w/ White Buckle
Reflective Black w/ Black Buckle
Reflective Black w/ White Buckle
Gold w/ Black Buckle
Gold w/ White Buckle
Storm Blue w/ Black Buckle


A Better Fit and You Never Have to Tie Again.  Yankz! Sure Lace System is the most comfortable and innovative lacing system available. 
The unique design is ideal for walking, running, hiking, gym class, biking and other athletic activities.

Expandable cords provide an unsurpassed level of personalized fit and comfort. No more tying, retying, double knots or frazzled dirty laces. Slip on your shoe with Yankz!

Many important factors make the Yankz! Sure Lace distinct:

  • A personalized fit with two different points of adjustment on the shoe, creating the most comfortable fit.
  • Expandable lace cords form to your foot and reduce blistering and bruising.
  • Available in many color combinations, including reflective colors for early morning and night activity.
  • Uniquely designed for many different sports such as walking, running, aerobics, biking and other sports.
  • And finally, you never tie laces again