Injinji RUNNER + LINER Womens Mini-Crew


Size Guide

Injinji Hiker Liner Womens Sizing Chart

INJINJI SIZE:          XS/SM                      M/L

SHOE SIZE:          US 5 - US 8.5          US 9 - US 12

The Liner + Runner is a unique, two-sock system designed to provide ample blister protection, moisture management and total foot utilisation while increasing cushion on the sole. The ultra-thin Liner is the front line of protection against blisters with it's five-toe toesock design. The Runner is worn over the Liner to increase comfort and cushion with a terry midweight knit throughout the bottom of the foot. Meanwhile, the mini-crew height provides a secure barrier around the ankle to prevent dirt, sand and other elements from getting in the sock enabling more running with less distractions. 

Please note: The Liner + Runner is only sold as a two sock set.

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